Featured News

Featured News

Exhibition co-sponsored by the Americana Foundation explores an untold chapter in American history

Oct/2023 Featured News
A landmark exhibition co-organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art will focus on the work of Black potters in the 19th-century American South. The exhibition presents approximately 60 ceramic objects from Old Edgefield District, South Carolina, a center of stoneware production in the…

MIFARMLINK: Cultivating Connections

Oct/2023 Featured News
A new web-based program is moving across the state to preserve Michigan farms and farming communities by shepherding land to the next generation of stewards. When you think of Michigan's largest economic drivers, what comes to mind? Automotive has topped the list for decades, but agriculture is an important second.…

Building a Place in the Soo for Children to Create, Learn, and Play

Jun/2023 Featured News
Since 2016, the Soo Locks Children's Museum, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, has been working with community partners to create a museum to serve nearly 4,000 children in a rural three-county region in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. The area features tremendous natural resources but has a nearly 30% child poverty rate…

The Place to Bee: Detroit Hives and the GO GREEN Botanical Garden

Apr/2023 Featured News
Detroit has long been home to a vibrant urban farming community, and many Detroiters and neighborhood associations have created green spaces to make their neighborhoods more attractive, healthier, and more sustainable. Still, many of the vacant lots in Detroit remain overgrown and neglected. According to Detroit Future City, Detroit has…

Fostering a Regional Food System in Northeast Michigan

Mar/2023 Featured News
A recent Americana grant will help to expand and stabilize the food system in Northeast Michigan - in the words of the grant recipient, to create "a region where local food and farming are an avenue for wealth creation and economic development, where healthy-fresh food is available to all residents…

Historic New England: Expanding the Traditional Historical Narratives of New England Life

Jan/2023 Featured News
For more than a century, Historic New England (HNE) has engaged audiences to develop a deeper understanding and enjoyment of New England home life. HNE's 38 historic homes, farms, and landscapes across Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island span four centuries and feature a variety of architectural styles,…

Americana Next Gen Cohort Selects Three 2022 Grantees

Sep/2022 Featured News
In the spring and summer of 2022, the "next generation" of Americana's founding family participated in the second year of a program designed to introduce them to Americana's mission, program areas, and priorities. The Next Gen cohort includes Jessie Harper, Kyle Harper, Ashley Thomas, Jennifer Thomas, and Nathan Thomas, all…

Micah 6 Community: Building the Neighborhood that Pontiac Deserves

Jun/2022 Featured News
Coleman Yoakum, founder and Executive Director of Micah 6 Community, came to Pontiac in 2012 hoping to serve a neighborhood that had high crime, high foreclosure, and high unemployment. He and a group of equally passionate and capable friends bought a house in Pontiac, formed Micah 6 Community, and became…

A Minute Before Midnight: The Alliance of Leadership Fellows Develops Dialogues to Spark Action on the Global Climate Crisis

Mar/2022 Featured News
The Alliance of Leadership Fellows (ALF) will use a recent grant from Americana to develop a series of Climate Crisis Dialogues that will enable climate advocates to share perspectives about how differing forms of evidence and impact---while they converge in painting a devastating picture---must be understood and integrated in building…

The Next Generation of the Adolph and Ginger Meyer Family Selects The Henry Ford, For Love of Water, and the I-Collective as Grant Recipients

Sep/2021 Featured News
From May 2020 through August 2021, five "next generation" members of Americana's founding family participated in a program that introduced them to Americana's mission, program areas, trustees, and staff. The Next Gen cohort included Jessie Harper, Kyle Harper, Ashley Thomas, Jennifer Thomas, and Nathan Thomas, all of whom are great-grandchildren…
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