Mission and Values

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Our Mission

The Americana Foundation supports the sustainable development of agriculture and community food systems, the protection of natural resources, and an inclusive narrative of early American art and history.

Our Values

  • Impactful

    We invest to positively impact people’s lives, especially where scarce other funding options are available.

  • Respectful

    We support the work of organizations that design and implement programs, projects, and initiatives in partnership with those they seek to benefit.

  • Collaborative

    We understand that problems are interconnected and complex. We invest time and effort to cultivate the trusting relationships needed for effective solutions.

  • Equitable

    We prioritize work that positively impacts people who have been traditionally disadvantaged, marginalized, or underrepresented, especially people of color, Indigenous people, and women.

  • Adaptive

    We learn and evolve with experience and as circumstances change - and expect the same from our grantees - recognizing that change takes time and innovation risks failure.

  • Climate-Conscious

    We consider climate impacts when making organizational decisions regarding grants, investments, and operations.

Equity Statement

Our Approach to Equity

We recognize that equity is essential to achieving our mission. As such, we are dedicated to promoting fairness, justice, and inclusivity in our endeavors. Our commitment to equity extends across the following practices:

  1. Inclusion: We actively seek to include diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences in decision-making processes. We value the contributions of individuals from all backgrounds and identities.
  2. Fairness: We strive to create a level playing field where everyone has equal access to opportunities, resources, and benefits. We address systemic barriers and work toward equitable outcomes.
  3. Anti-Discrimination: We reject discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship status, disability, or sexual orientation. We work to eliminate bias and prejudice in our grant-making.
  4. Community-Centered Approach: We engage with communities directly so we can listen to their voices and understand their needs and aspirations. We prioritize projects that empower marginalized groups and promote social justice.
  5. Transparency: We communicate openly about our processes, decisions, and impact. Transparency fosters trust and accountability, ensuring that our actions align with our equity goals and values.

Our Commitment

The Americana Foundation regularly assesses its practices, policies, and partnerships to advance equity. We recognize that achieving true equity requires ongoing learning, reflection and adaptation on our part as well as others. We hold ourselves accountable to these principles as we work toward a more just and inclusive society.

If you have questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to Kathryn Buckner, President and CEO, [email protected].

Adopted by the Board of Trustees February 2024

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